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What is the Training Balance Scale

Most business owners have never heard of this term. This method of learning is about the balance of thinking and doing. What do I mean by balance? Good question.

While most business owners struggle to succeed in their enterprise some are having major success in what ever they are doing. The training balance scale, once understood, can be very powerful to help anyone succeed. This method is not taught in school, it’s only taught by the elite class, the richest people in the world.

In order to succeed in anything that you do you must have a balance in your Thinking and Your Actions. On one side the balance scale you have your thoughts, dreams, goals, etc. Everything on this side has to do with your Thinking. The other side the balance scale is your Actions. If your thoughts are big enough and you believe what you are thinking your Actions will follow.

Let me give you an example, you have a job that you once liked (LOL). So you were excited about going to work with your dreams to grow with the company you work for (another joke, LOL). So at this point as days, weeks, months and years go by you are focusing on moving up the corporate ladder. Finally after all that wait, you finally get a promotion and you are excited that you achieved your goal. Now you are focused on your next goal, which is to move up to the next promotion. Have you noticed that I didn’t mention fear? Have you noticed I didn’t mention HOW you did it? You see, when you focus on what you want and not focus on the HOW you will eventually get what you want. If you focused on the HOW, the other side of the training balance scale, you’re not focusing on what you want. Remember, if you focus on what you want and BELIEVE you will get it the HOW WILL COME. As a matter of fact the HOW IS IRRELEVANT, because if your ATTITUDE is right the FACTS DON’T COUNT!

Without belief there will be doubt and then you focus on the lack of what you want. At this point your Actions will become impracticable to do. You will be annoyed with the Actions that have to be done.

There is a saying ” When Your Attitude Is Right The Facts Don’t Count “. That is the Training Balance Scale. When your Attitude is right, your Thoughts and you Believe you will get it then your Actions will be a fun task. When you focus on the HOW you are focusing on the doubt and you will get what you think about Most of the Time.

Hope this post helped you understand the Training Balance Scale. Any questions or comments feel free to post them or if you can call me directly.

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